Network RTK Services

Network RTK services are provided mostly by private industry in Canada. With a subscription-based access model, commercial RTK providers stream real-time GNSS corrections via internet to wireless users within areas of cellular coverage.

Most commercial providers make GNSS observations from their reference stations available to NRCan to integrate their coordinates into the national standard. A description of the collaboration agreement and list of the major participating network RTK providers can be found on the NRCan RTK networks web application. Users can download the NRCan-derived position time series of the commercial GNSS reference stations  to verify their stability. The NRCan web interface also provides lists of all RTK stations being monitored in KML and CSV formats. Detailed information on commercial RTK coverage in different provinces can be found at the providers’ website links found in table 2.

Table 2. RTK providers conforming to NAD83 (CSRS) - June 2021

Name Coverage Purpose URL
Regional Land survey, machine guidance
Regional Land survey, agriculture, GIS, machine control
Regional Land survey, machine guidance, agriculture
Lewis Instruments Regional Land survey, agriculture
Regional Land survey, agriculture, machine control